"be humble for you are made of earth,
be noble for you are made of stars"
Confessions of a Caffeinated Student
olivia. writer. over-enthusiast. i'm basically just a student at washington college with a tendency for falling in love with words and strangers.

first senate meeting with my fellow senator alex and our buddy g-wash

Dorm Vlogging a.k.a #wacluv

a video in which you can hear my voice and i talk about why i love wac. video taken with my phone because my computer is acting up. oh well. enjoy!

officially declared my english major and creative writing minor today!

olivia’s room (take two)
so i don’t have a roommate year since i live in a single on the third floor of east hall. which means while i don’t have a roommate, i do have to walk up three flights of stairs to go to bed so…

door: i couldn’t find whiteboard cleaner, so i put up a sideways monet and a post-it with my name. also a beatles postcard and a picture of the ever-dreamy henry cavill

bed/desk: hung up christmas lights, curtains, made the bed, etc. there’s now an air conditioning unit blocking out all the natural light, and textbooks lining the windowsill.

wall deco: sticking to the 10% rule, I improvised from the collage last year, adding some new artsy prints, a valentine’s day card and decal from my dad, as well as some poetic quotes (oooh… artsy).

wardrobe: that’s what it’s called (i think???) anyway, i bought drawer inserts that fit better in the built in shelf, which, coupled with my under-the-bed boxes, means i have significantly more drawer space than i anticipated. it’s also a good place for my record player.

closet: preeetty self explanatory. i put my food box in there. whoop.

kitchen: i bought a microwave this year, and brought less mugs. and books. three flights of stairs is a real reality check.

so that’s my room! I’m hopefully getting a rug for all that open floor space, and maybe a floor lamp. we’ll see.

journal entry: year two

wow okay so i’ve been back for a week now, so i figured it was probably time for me to write a post.

i moved in early because i’m in the fall professor show Old Times, and rehearsals started before classes did. it was weird being on campus without a lot of people here yet, but gave me a bit of a different look at campus. i got my room all set up on the first day (pictures in the next post!) and had a chance to settle in before classes started. speaking of classes, I have now been to at least one of all my classes and this semester looks like it’s going to be fun and super difficult. exciting!

i feel a little tentative about talking about my classes since we haven’t had a chance to really settle into them? so i’ll post about that next week, but i’m really glad to be back and excited for another year at WAC!


oh my god olivia you’re going to d i e

fritz my darling do not worry. i think most of it is still packed from when i came home four months ago

keep an eye out on twitter, instagram, and here as i liveblog my descent into hell by starting my packing the day before i leave. you can follow all the action, elation, and procrastination with the tag: #oliviasmove2

Things I Wish I’d Known My First Year

if you’re anything like me you read a dozen college advice sites before starting school and they all said the same basic things: pick classes that suit your schedule, don’t party too hard, join clubs, budget your time, etc. and that’s all true. but what about the day to day stuff? granted this is all advice from a college freshman girl at a small school, but i feel like there’s some universal truths.

  • don’t freak out about being late. okay don’t make a habit of it, but everyone’s been late at least once. showing up late with coffee is a little dubious, but i’d be a hypocrite if i said that wasn’t me a few too many days of french.
  • check your college email every morning. here’s why: not only do you get a lot of emails pertaining to cool events on campus (that sometimes feature free food and better, free stuff) but professors usually email students the morning of if class is canceled. you don’t want to drag yourself out of bed and across campus at 8:00 in the morning only to find that it’s canceled. I have a lot of friends that don’t check their emails and subsequently miss events and free rita’s.
  • actually use your meal plan. it may seem repetitive and the food may not be wonderful, but the dining hall can be very useful when it comes to basic snack foods like muffins, cookies and cereal. while it may not be the best and most exciting food, it’s “free.” meaning when you want something to eat late at night, you won’t have to spend money buying a bag of chips. that being said
  • don’t be afraid to order out. sometimes another meal in the dining hall may feel like one too many. so order chinese, or pizza. even better, get a couple friends together and make a night of it, either studying or watching a movie.
  • bring cleaning supplies. at the very least, bring paper towels and wipes. and a broom. because your room will get dirty and dusty, and you will get tired of wiping it off your feet.
  • don’t buy the textbooks from the bookstore unless you have too. okay this is on like every list, but it’s important. university book stores charge a lot for textbooks and you can find them much cheaper on textbook sites or amazon.
  • don’t walk home alone. particularly from parties. especially from parties. there have been a lot of nights i’ve been nervous about walking home at night by myself, and my campus is pretty safe. keep your best girl (or best guy) with you and lose the stress.
  • boys suck. have a movie night with your girls, eat pizza and ice cream, and move on.
  • you can have fun, but don’t be loud. dorm rooms are small and close together. RAs have the right to tell you to quiet down and even write you up if you don’t. it is actually possible to have a bunch of people in one room without being loud…however, common rooms can be super fun too.
  • everyone is as scared as you are. just go up to someone and say hi. the whole year, not just the first week. pretty much everyone is in the same situation as you, everyone is looking for friends. just go up to someone, ask where they’re from, their major, anything. it’s a lot easier to make friends in college than it was in high school.
  • don’t worry about looking like a freshman. everyone was a freshman once. don’t be afraid to ask for directions and if possible, make friends with upperclassmen. my best friends were upperclassmen, and i’m better for it. on the other hand, don’t be that freshman that doesn’t go to class, gets blackout drunk every night, and gets kicked out before the year is up. which goes with…
  • take care of yourself. I know it may be easy to go to bed at 3 in the morning every night and live on coffee and Red Bull throughout the week, but don’t do it. a handful of times during the semester is perfectly normal, but don’t make it a habit. eat as well as you can, keep your mental health a high priority, and don’t be afraid to talk to a counselor if you start feeling overwhelmed. and nap. naps are amazing. trust me.

and as always, feel free to reach out and ask any questions you need.

journal entry: arcadia

it’s been a little over a week since arcadia finished, and since this was the same time last semester that we had auditions (literally the monday before finals week) I felt like this symmetry would be a great homage to the play itself, as well as my experience with it.

my journey with this production began with an audition I hadn’t originally planned on attending for a show I knew almost nothing about. callbacks were scheduled for the most stressful night of my semester and I felt, with some degree of certainty, that I would not get the part. so when I went to the callboard on the second floor of gibson, that rainy day in december, and found my name on the list, I nearly cried from shock and excitement.

over winter break, I read the play any number of times, tried to start understanding my part in the mammoth of a show, and fell in love with it. rehearsals started the second week of the semester, with a two week bootcamp including table work, accent coaching, a number of mini-lectures from experts in the fields of study the play concerned, and a lot of hard work. I lost touch with some of my friends from last semester during this time, missing the crucial reconnecting moments that can make or break friendships freshman year; however, I also started getting to know a new sort of family. our cast became quite close over the course of the show. andrea played my mother in the show, but also listened to me offstage as I exclaimed and complained about my boy problems. our director brendon, pushed us as students and as actors so that our characters and performances were the best they could be.

it was a lot of hard work, almost double the amount of time regularly spent on shows here at washington college. we had rehearsals for two and a half hours tuesday-friday and four hours on saturday or sunday. granted we weren’t always called every day, but we enveloped our self in the world of Arcadia.

this semester has been a lot of firsts. I was in my first production at wac, with my first lead role ever. I dated someone for the first time at school. I broke up with someone for the first time at school. I went to my first birthday ball and my first lacrosse game. I played sports for the first time on an intramural team. and now I’m nearly done with my first year of college.

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year.


Washington College presents: ARCADIA


Soo I haven’t been posting too much lately, mea culpa.

But for the past couple weeks I, and my fellow blogger Olivia, have been hard at work on the Drama Department’s production, Arcadia by Tom Stoppard. 

It’s been a semester-long affair, starting the first week we returned from winter break and opening just two weeks before finals. 

The play has been an amazing, rewarding experience that I will surely miss after the final bow this Saturday. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is opening night. And I’ve never been more excited about an opening night than I have now.

The show runs from April 16-19. On Wednesday through Friday, the show begins at 8, and on Saturday, showtime is 1:30.

Come see it. It’s a masterpiece. 

Go Shorrmen 

Seconded. You can expect a long-winded from me after this weekend is over. :)