"be humble for you are made of earth,
be noble for you are made of stars"
Confessions of a Caffeinated Student
olivia. writer. over-enthusiast. i'm basically just a student at washington college with a tendency for falling in love with words and strangers.

kappa sigma pancake breakfast. great way to start the day. #ΚΣ #washcoll

studying outside with good friends and good weather

first senate meeting with my fellow senator alex and our buddy g-wash

Dorm Vlogging a.k.a #wacluv

a video in which you can hear my voice and i talk about why i love wac. video taken with my phone because my computer is acting up. oh well. enjoy!

officially declared my english major and creative writing minor today!

olivia’s room (take two)
so i don’t have a roommate year since i live in a single on the third floor of east hall. which means while i don’t have a roommate, i do have to walk up three flights of stairs to go to bed so…

door: i couldn’t find whiteboard cleaner, so i put up a sideways monet and a post-it with my name. also a beatles postcard and a picture of the ever-dreamy henry cavill

bed/desk: hung up christmas lights, curtains, made the bed, etc. there’s now an air conditioning unit blocking out all the natural light, and textbooks lining the windowsill.

wall deco: sticking to the 10% rule, I improvised from the collage last year, adding some new artsy prints, a valentine’s day card and decal from my dad, as well as some poetic quotes (oooh… artsy).

wardrobe: that’s what it’s called (i think???) anyway, i bought drawer inserts that fit better in the built in shelf, which, coupled with my under-the-bed boxes, means i have significantly more drawer space than i anticipated. it’s also a good place for my record player.

closet: preeetty self explanatory. i put my food box in there. whoop.

kitchen: i bought a microwave this year, and brought less mugs. and books. three flights of stairs is a real reality check.

so that’s my room! I’m hopefully getting a rug for all that open floor space, and maybe a floor lamp. we’ll see.

journal entry: year two

wow okay so i’ve been back for a week now, so i figured it was probably time for me to write a post.

i moved in early because i’m in the fall professor show Old Times, and rehearsals started before classes did. it was weird being on campus without a lot of people here yet, but gave me a bit of a different look at campus. i got my room all set up on the first day (pictures in the next post!) and had a chance to settle in before classes started. speaking of classes, I have now been to at least one of all my classes and this semester looks like it’s going to be fun and super difficult. exciting!

i feel a little tentative about talking about my classes since we haven’t had a chance to really settle into them? so i’ll post about that next week, but i’m really glad to be back and excited for another year at WAC!


luke and i are building an airport before i go grab a coffee with my best friend.

less than 24 hours to go

oh my god olivia you’re going to d i e

fritz my darling do not worry. i think most of it is still packed from when i came home four months ago

keep an eye out on twitter, instagram, and here as i liveblog my descent into hell by starting my packing the day before i leave. you can follow all the action, elation, and procrastination with the tag: #oliviasmove2