"be humble for you are made of earth,
be noble for you are made of stars"
Confessions of a Caffeinated Student
olivia. writer. over-enthusiast. i'm basically just a student at washington college with a tendency for falling in love with words and strangers.
one more day until thanksgiving break

and it cannot come fast enough

make friends with the international students. the fact they won’t be here long means they learn the ins and outs of things pretty quickly. also make friends with seniors because they know the unspoken rules and tricks and fastest routes to classes and dorms.

i leave in less than five days and i still have packing and no time to do it and i still have people to see

picked up more stuff for school today and it’s really starting to sink in and holy crap i’m almost a college student

pulling an all-nighter the night before advising day. i feel like a real college kid: irresponsible and insomniatic. whoo.

I keep trying to write a post about graduation but then then nostalgia in the form of tears kind of takes over. We’ll see how long it takes.