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journal entry: whoo it’s gonna be a long one

i realise i haven’t really posted much substance the past couple weeks and that’s because i haven’t really been able to find time to not only write, but collect my thoughts about what to write about.

because let’s face it, one of the iconic experiences of college is the biannual finals week. a week of papers and exams and no sleep and lots of stress and even more coffee. but what people don’t tell you about is the precursor to finals week: hell week. now okay, finals week is rough. but the week before is just as bad and sometimes worse. it’s when you have your last round of classes and (at least in my case) the papers you’ve been working on all semester.

let me break it down.


mondayfrench review, grw final revisions of script and first run through, acting monologues. work in the office as usual, then procrastinating the papers due wednesday and working on creative writing revisions. auditions for arcadia.

tuesday:easily the most stressful day of the semester. head to creative writing and do written revisions. print the final scripts for grw final scene and rehearse for about an hour. work on papers. eat foodstuff. head to callbacks for arcadia (!!!) and work on papers in between auditions. chill at callbacks from 6:00 to 10:30 as stress levels rise, but feel like the callbacks went well enough. work on papers until 4:30 in the morning, decide that sleep is necessary to continue and do so.

wednesday:wake up around 8:00 and grab a coffee before heading to my french classroom. sit in there writing my research paper until class starts. do french class. then continue writing paper and revising up until 20 minutes before the deadline. submit. breathe a sigh of relief and prepare for the final grw scene. perform awesomely, but then get assigned another paper. sigh with frustration then go to acting. after acting eat lunch and go to work. after work go to dinner. then have coffee with a friend also stressed about finals stuff. work on creative writing revisions.

thursday:last day of classes. finish creative writing revisions and go to class. class ends early and lunch goes long. buy krispy kreme doughnuts. go to work. breathe sigh of relief and hang out with friends. meet a lovely cat.

friday:reading day. also known as sleeping day. literally sleep until lunch and then go to work. not much to do besides stamping. my lovely boss (aundra. aka the best boss ever) gives me a christmas present and lets me leave when I get an email telling me that the cast list for arcadia has been posted. tells me to text her with the news. run over to gibson and up the stairs. see people smiling but try not to get my hopes up. get the role of thomasina in the professor directed spring semester show. cry from excitement and many hugs and phone calls are exchanged. rehearse for final scene. grab some books from the library and go to WACapella (who were fab as frick). hang out with some friends over in reid and eat pizza and read fairy tales.

saturdaysleep til noon and realise i’ve misplaced my id card. decide to have coffee for lunch nap for an hour and then rehearse and then nap for another hour and a half. try to work on french oral exam review and final grw paper. end up failing miserably and talking to people in the library instead (thanks ian). grab dinner using id number and chill.

sunday:SNOWwake up before noon (11:50) and continue trying to do work, but SNOW! grab some stuff for acting final and then try again to study. decide to make cocoa instead and head over to a friend’s dorm to exploit their microwave. head back over to hynson and study until the realisation dawns that cocoa makes you sleeping and needs to be supplemented with coffee. make a pot of coffee and take it back to hynson. study until 3 in the morning. semi-productive evening.


monday: wake up, grab coffee, head to toll. stay in toll until dinner working on french oral exam work with my partner. brain hurts. head to reid and chill there until the r.a. invites us down to the director of student service’s house (carl crowe) for some homemade cookies. eat the best cookies ever and then get to campus for midnight breakfast (a.k.a. dinner) work on christmas presents.

tuesday:wake up, grab coffee, head to library. review french notes with partner. grab lunch then go to oral exam. goes well enough. study more for french written exam

wednesday:manage to wake up in time for french exam, then spend the day drinking tea with the ever lovely dana before rehearsing one last time before the exam. decide that cookies are a good idea and eat some of those.

thursdaydawdle about the library trying to work on final paper. make a bit of progress. go to acting final and do alright. eat some dinner. finish paper. sleep because finals are finished.

friday: pack up. eat food. head out.

and that is my lengthy account of the week. doesn’t quite account for the stress and tiredness, but there’s a level of bonding that comes with the communal stress. there is no judgment for falling asleep wherever it may be. personally, i fell asleep in the library, rehearsal room, and a number of other people’s rooms. stress affects a number of people in a number of ways. patience is key, as is knowing when a quick nap is more useful than trying to push through that paper.

winter break is lovely so far but honest to goodness, i’m already looking forward to going back to campus.



journal entry: stress is just an abstract concept

hahhaahahaha. no it’s not. it’s very real. i have two papers due tomorrow that happen to be large portions of my grades. and callbacks tonight. and a performance piece to present tomorrow. and callbacks tonight. did i say that already? and french to study for.

the research paper might just kill me.