"be humble for you are made of earth,
be noble for you are made of stars"
Confessions of a Caffeinated Student
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movie night with one of my best friends audry, complete with popcorn and cocoa.

first senate meeting with my fellow senator alex and our buddy g-wash

Dorm Vlogging a.k.a #wacluv

a video in which you can hear my voice and i talk about why i love wac. video taken with my phone because my computer is acting up. oh well. enjoy!

  Anonymous said:
How do you become a student blogger? I'll be part of Washington Colleges incoming class!!

Actually, they found me! I received an email in early june from the admissions office wondering if I would be interested in becoming one.

If you are really interested though, I would suggest emailing Aundra Weissert, as she is my boss. :) Her email is: aweissert2(at)washcoll.edu

journal entry: birthday ball

unfortunately, i was having so much fun on saturday that I didn’t get very many pictures of birthday ball. well, i say “unfortunately” but isn’t it a good thing? to be enjoying yourself so much and to be so caught up in the moment, you don’t even think to take pictures because you know that it will stick in your memory for years?

a couple of weekends ago, i meth two wonderful girls named holly and julie, and let me just tell you they are two fantastic amazing wonderful people. i kinda love ‘em a lot. anyway, we spent most of the day together. starting with the lacrosse game against Goucher, i chilled with them and some of the KA brothers (pretty cool guys) and we enjoyed the sunshine and clean air of a winter giving hopes for spring. after the second half, we shifted from the bleachers to the hillside and there’s really only one word that sums up how fun that was: puppies. a lot of people that bring their dogs and there are a lot of dogs that are only ten weeks old and the cutest freaking things ever.

moving forward, after the game, julie and I brought our stuff to holly’s room and then went to hang out at talbot. I made tea (and got some weird looks from some of the brothers) and we grabbed chinese before heading back to get ready.

the dance itself was spectacular. the decorations were amazing, the dj was on point, and i was there with people that make me happy.

can’t wait for next year!


p.s. realised that this is has been in my drafts for about a week, so sorry for the late post. :\

journal entry: stress is just an abstract concept

hahhaahahaha. no it’s not. it’s very real. i have two papers due tomorrow that happen to be large portions of my grades. and callbacks tonight. and a performance piece to present tomorrow. and callbacks tonight. did i say that already? and french to study for.

the research paper might just kill me.

journal entry: classes and schedules and registration, oh my!

fuddy meers and losing my keys and blitz ball, breakfast for dinner and movie night… busy busy weekend to say the least. it feels weird to say it, but as much as I groan about the start of a new week, it’s nice to have structured days. my routine is significantly more specific than it was even a few weeks ago, so it’s nice to know what I’m doing and when. working for aundra in the office has also been wonderful, because it’s an every day consistency, and hopefully one that will continue into next semester, seeing as my schedule is virtually the same.

which leads me to… registration.

i have no problems with stressing about advising or knowing what classes I want to take. for some reason, I tend to know what I want and have a gut feeling and I go with it and things work out. but when I landed the second to last spot for registration (1:30) i was worried that I might not make it into the classes I wanted. my advisor (dale daigle, only one of the coolest people ever) assured me that I would have no issues, but I was still concerned. i didn’t really have any back up classes and the other classes i wanted to take either weren’t offered this semester or were already filled. my worries were in vain though, because I got all four of the classes I wanted (schedule post to follow).

work’s been pretty good too. I’ve been stuffing envelopes and handwriting inserts and filing, pretty mundane stuff, but I love talking to the other people in the office. and really, I enjoy it. I spend so much time handwriting things into notebooks, so it’s not all that different.

anyway, I should finally be getting a new phone wednesday or thursday, and I’ll be able to post more photos and blog more consistently and actually communicate with people, so that’ll be nice.


journal entry: stargazing

any one of my friends who’s spent time with me at night (and to be fair, a decent amount of strangers) knows that I have this kind of… infatuation with the stars. now, I’m not to good at picking out constellations (yet) but really just the mere sight of them is just so moving. and like, we have stars in northern virginia, but there’s also enough light pollution that there aren’t all that many. so when I came to chestertown, which is a little bit in the middle of nowhere, even with the well lit campus, the stars are so numerous and so beautiful, sometimes I just stand there.

now this had a point, because the past three or so days, my love affair with the stars has led to some interesting encounters. on wednesday, for example, lily, caitrin, and i decided to go to mcdonalds but after we got food, we just kept driving. the music was going and we were singing and it was a beautiful night and soon enough, we wound up at a little beach (don’t ask me where) and we got out of the car and sat on the cold sand and stared up at the sky. the waves lapped at the shore and that was really the only noise. until a car came up rumbling with some bass thumping music and we didn’t want to find out who it might be. so we hightailed it back to the car and drove back. at that time it was only about 10:00, so i wandered around campus until I found a dark enough spot and lay down on the brick and called my brother, while stargazing. a couple people asked to make sure I was okay, and when I was, they told me to have a good night.

last night was another one of those stories. there were a decent amount of people stumbling about in their costumes and I wasn’t quite ready to go back to my dorm yet, so I found a spot, again on the brick path (because the brick is less wet than the grass) and lay down to watch the stars and listen to music. a fair number of people checked to make sure I wasn’t passed out or almost passed out, but my coherency and insistence that I was fine meant that they left me alone. until one of my friends came over and then was joined by a decent number of people. i figured I’d been stargazing long enough and I’d seen a shooting star, so that was nice. 

whoo. stars. i love them.


student’s log: thursday, 31 october (halloween)

8:00 - wake to weed wackers going off outside, promptly roll over and continue sleeping

9:30-10:05 - give up trying to sleep and get up, hunt around for the pieces of daytime halloween costume, and emerge as hermione granger

10:10 - grab a coffee from java george and make my way over to the library to help highschool brother with english assignment (via email)

10:30 - run into audrey and play catch up

11:26 - realise that class starts in forty minutes and say a quick goodbye

11:30-12:45 - intro to creative writing class. critiques go well enough, wish that there were more comments on my story, but shrug off. collect revisions.

12:50-1:20 - eat the foodstuffs with lily and katelyn

1:30-2:36 - give blood! (with the Blood Bank of Delmarva)

2:50-4:00 - pander around on my laptop, do the facebook and the tumblr

4:00-4:20 - grab stuff for jessica’s halloween costume, let her borrow tardis dress, cardigan, ribbon, and tights, know she’s going to look fabulous.

4:30-5:15 - french lab. learn about the french school system. fun stuff.

5:20-5:45 - get ready quickly. panic because the original halloween costume is simultaneously too big and too small. get creative and go as vampire instead of captain america.

5:45 - take some pictures with ashley, roommate accidentally locks room and have to call RA to let back in.

5:50 - go over to Reid to see if Lily wants to grab dinner. lily isn’t there. chill with caitrin then leave to go eat because blood loss makes you woozy like that.

6:00-6:45 - eat the foodstuffs. chicken and pizza. no vanilla ice cream though.

7:15 - head over to gibson and wait until the doors open at 7:30.

8:00-10:20 - watch asylum (senior thesis) but feel a little lightheaded.

10:20 - don’t feel well, drink some water and sit on the steps outside for some fresh air. feel kind of sick and faint. nice lady offers me candy (twix) and pumpkin cookie, both are in sealed packages and she says to promise I’ll eat them.

10:25 - i do.

10:30 - make way (slowly) back to dorm, but it’s really hot because the heat’s on (???) and the open window isn’t enough. sit on dorm porch for fresh air and try to study french.

11:00 - need more fresh air and still feeling lightheaded. figure a walk will help.

11:26 - horribly horribly wrong. so wrong. worst idea ever. sit next to a tree and almost pass out because i’m stupid stupid stupid and need more sugar and hydration.

11:30 - someone comes over and asks if I’m okay. I’m not. they have me drink half a peach snapple and walk me back to my dorm. (v. good person)

11:36 - charlotte makes me sit in my dorm (sit, not stand) and eat an apple and drink water. stays until the apple is gone and most of my water. we talk about registration. I start to feel better.

12:00 - go to sleep but it’s still ridiculously hot. seriously. the air conditioners shouldn’t be taken out until thanksgiving break. (take note)

okay so halloween is one of my favourite holidays, nestled below christmas and a rung above valentine’s day.

this is mostly due in part to the fact that halloween is about two things: costumes and candy. one could argue it’s also about scary things but i like to ignore that because i’m rational and like most rational people i do not enjoy being scared.

because one of my favouritest halloween traditions is dressing up, I’m going to be posting my #ootd for the next week, because I’ve decided that up until halloween, I’m going to wear subtle costumes that could be a costume, but could also be just a cute outfit. stay tuned!