"be humble for you are made of earth,
be noble for you are made of stars"
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journal entry: birthday ball

unfortunately, i was having so much fun on saturday that I didn’t get very many pictures of birthday ball. well, i say “unfortunately” but isn’t it a good thing? to be enjoying yourself so much and to be so caught up in the moment, you don’t even think to take pictures because you know that it will stick in your memory for years?

a couple of weekends ago, i meth two wonderful girls named holly and julie, and let me just tell you they are two fantastic amazing wonderful people. i kinda love ‘em a lot. anyway, we spent most of the day together. starting with the lacrosse game against Goucher, i chilled with them and some of the KA brothers (pretty cool guys) and we enjoyed the sunshine and clean air of a winter giving hopes for spring. after the second half, we shifted from the bleachers to the hillside and there’s really only one word that sums up how fun that was: puppies. a lot of people that bring their dogs and there are a lot of dogs that are only ten weeks old and the cutest freaking things ever.

moving forward, after the game, julie and I brought our stuff to holly’s room and then went to hang out at talbot. I made tea (and got some weird looks from some of the brothers) and we grabbed chinese before heading back to get ready.

the dance itself was spectacular. the decorations were amazing, the dj was on point, and i was there with people that make me happy.

can’t wait for next year!


p.s. realised that this is has been in my drafts for about a week, so sorry for the late post. :\

so my birthday is coming up and also i like mail so y’all should send me things:

Olivia Serio, Student
Box #398
300 Washington Ave
Chestertown, MD 21620

for reals though, I love mail. and who knows, I may just write you back

journal entry: the first week

i’m definitely not using this as an excuse to put off my homework. that would not be the motivation for this entry, not even a little…..

anyway. it’s been one week since i moved in and the way time moves here is…. weird. summer time and school time are very distinct; summer moves in lags and bursts while school is slow but compact. during summer there are lazy days and there are busy days and they normally come in sets, whereas school is just so much all the time that it drags but you blink and it’s been a month. here there’s just…. I have my four classes and the homework for those classes, but I don’t really have much going on other than that. I’m really bad at just meeting people so I feel kinda lost. I met someone pretty cool at breakfast this morning and a couple cool foreign exchange students about an hour ago, but I’m realizing how deeply uninteresting I can be. Get me talking about books, or my writing, or hell, get me talking about food, and I’ll keep going.

my roommate is amazing, she and I get on sooo well, which is something I was definitely nervous about. I’ve heard horror stories from people and their roommates and there’s definitely none of that here. my ra charlotte is also super amazing. she and I have hung out a couple times and it’s really nice having someone that’s been here for a year to help me learn the ropes.

the biggest thing I’ve learned is to get out of my dorm. I try to hang out in my common room, or someone else’s room, or the dining hall, etc. just to meet people. I’ve been able to get to know a decent amount of people on my floor, and their friends. the guys’ ra hangs out there with some of his friends and they’re juniors so that’s fab for an extra perspective. I’m learning to listen and observe, but I haven’t been super wonderful at engaging yet. I’m working on it. 

re: classes. I definitely picked a good schedule. mid-morning classes centering around topics that I’m passionate about. I’m always excited for class, always eager to speak up, and terrified of my french class. see, i’ve never taken french before, I’m a latin girl. when we introduced ourselves the first day, we had to introduce ourselves in french and then say how much prior experience we had and why we were taking the course (in english). and the only french I’m any good at is "Bonjour, je m’appelle Olivia. Parlez-vous Anglais?" but beyond that I’m pretty useless. these people, these people have taken 1-4 years of french. the teacher speaks in rapid french and only explains about half of it….. I… I can’t even. 

but hey, I’ll learn fast.

my next two classes are global theatre (my grw requirement) and acting i. both of these are with dale and he’s freaking fab as frick. there are two other teachers, dr. volansky/michelle and professor fox/brendon (okay quick detour here: so on one hand I love that the drama professors are called by their first names but like….. professor fox, that’s almost too fun to pass up. okay, I’m done.) and their also cool and I’ll be learning about theatre all around the world and whoooo! also acting i is fab as frick and there’s no question about it.

intro to creative writing is a bit more dull than I was hoping for, but hopefully it’ll pick up once we start revising stuff. right now we’re reading and having boring conversations very reminiscent of freshman english so…. I may have not been devoting my full attention to the (admittedly uninteresting) discussion.

orientation was interesting I guess? there was an amazing, sex-positive comedian maria falzone and a super trippy mentalist banachek, but the actual “activities” were not all that engaging. I’m glad I went to them, partially because it gave me the ability to give a proper assessment, and also because pretty much everyone else had to go so all the freshman could complain together. there was a skit by the peer mentors that was pretty cute but…. yeah. preeeetty boring

kent is super fun. i love college, and my parents miss me far more than I miss them. awwww. college is fab guys. it’s so fab.


things people don’t tell you:

it’s really difficult trying to shave your legs in a tiny shower when your used to sitting in your bathtub.

i knew it would be different, but this is downright impossible

I’m planning on doing a proper orientation post once orientation is actually complete, mostly because I’m tired and also because I’m exhausted.

but here’s our room!

  • before: so my roommate did preorientation, which means my “before” picture is really just a “before olivia” picture. though, to be fair, I brought a lot of crap.
  • fritz’s side: not my side but that little painting with the umbrella is mine and it looked perfect there and my roommate is definitely better than yours, don’t even question me because I will fight you.
  • kitchen (/my side): I brought the fridge and another coffeemaker and put up my banksy print and artsy magazine ads and old photos and filled my bookshelf with books whooo
  • my desk: this is a really shitty picture of my desk, but I couldn’t get a good one. one side is one direction posters, the back wall is justice league, and then my mug collection is in the  bookshelf. yay.

i love my room and my roommate and I’ve already made lovely friends and guys I’m really excited for college.