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Washington College presents: ARCADIA


Soo I haven’t been posting too much lately, mea culpa.

But for the past couple weeks I, and my fellow blogger Olivia, have been hard at work on the Drama Department’s production, Arcadia by Tom Stoppard. 

It’s been a semester-long affair, starting the first week we returned from winter break and opening just two weeks before finals. 

The play has been an amazing, rewarding experience that I will surely miss after the final bow this Saturday. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is opening night. And I’ve never been more excited about an opening night than I have now.

The show runs from April 16-19. On Wednesday through Friday, the show begins at 8, and on Saturday, showtime is 1:30.

Come see it. It’s a masterpiece. 

Go Shorrmen 

Seconded. You can expect a long-winded from me after this weekend is over. :)

  p1zzal0ver said:
Hi I will be attending washington college in the fall and I have a couple of question: - what will I be expecting for the first couple of weeks as a freshmen - is it hard to navigate your way around campus - is there jobs freshmen can apply for - can you get paid to be a student blogger for washington college

the first couple of weeks you can expect to be a whirlwind. you’ll have orientation and then straight into classes and homework and college. it took me a couple weeks to find my footing and I changed so much every single day. I still do. it can seem overwhelming, but know that every single person on campus is either currently going through that or did at some point. don’t be afraid to ask for help.

this campus is so incredibly wonderful and easy to navigate. if you don’t know where something is, chances are a person near you does.

almost every one of the standard jobs on campus are available for freshman, but you can find out about specific job opportunities and openings at the career center. be warned though, the longer you wait to find a job, the harder it will be.

possibly. there are a couple of people (including myself) that do get paid to be student bloggers. I was offered the job at the end of my senior year of high school with the summer being a trial period. If you’re interested you should contact Aundra Weissert (aweissert2(at)washcoll.edu) as she’s our boss.
I like to hold the opinion that I’d blog about this school whether or not I was paid, and it holds true even on my other blog and every single conversation I have with anyone who doesn’t go here ever.

super excited to see you in the fall! feel free to reach out with anymore questions. :)

nbd just feeling like a broadway actress reading Cosmo backstage at the most wonderful opening night of my life. #superstar

FINAL DRESS!!! #arcadia #selfie #dressingroom


- me every time there is a cat regardless of the situation (via sail-across-the-universe)

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finally finished our first 12hr tech day. #arcadia

reading feminist poetry by katherine tucker, roshni gorur, and marygrace schumann at the annual kent county poetry festival!

“I don’t know why, but it seems like people who don’t like themselves are drawn to the stage. Maybe it’s so that other people can love them.”

- Laura Holshouser

I miss @tmichaelserio and Luke. happy #nationalsiblingday. I can’t wait to see you two and your silly faces soon. 😝

  Anonymous said:
When do you get a college email?

if I remember correctly, you get your college email at advising day (when you register for classes and everything else).